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Asset Identification and Securing

We operate across international boundaries through an established network of investigators trained in exposing activities associated with hiding assets and moving funds. Once assets are identified we are experienced in securing property and funds using due legal process. In this area Citimet have established networks that can offer a comprehensive professional service.

Due Diligence Enquiries

During mergers and acquisitions and joint venture partnerships careful enquiries give us the ability to highlight situations which might not at first be apparent. Citimet have in place consultants to review the business interest’s commercial history and reputation of future business partners. In the important field of recruitment we are retained by several multi national companies to undertake pre employment vetting servicing international clients including The New York Mercantile Exchange, and Computer Associates whilst working closely with our associate companies MMCA group in Fairfax, Virginia and Berg Associates in Washington.

Fraud Investigation

Companies today are evermore exposed to sophisticated methods of fraud. We at Citimet are well equipped within the ranks of our associates to deal with all aspects of the offence. The head our fraud investigation section was previously head of the City of London Police Commercial Crime Unit and advisor to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), and has led investigations into the the UK's largest fraud cases such as Johnson Matthey, BCCI and Barings Bank. Our team of investigators are highly experienced in all aspects of fraud investigation and are capable of operating at the highest level.

Close Protection

In today's world the areas in which some of our clients operate are becoming ever more hostile. The protection of people, assets and reputations are of paramount importance.

In order to service our clients requirements Citimet Ltd have been providing Close Protection Operatives to our Commercial Clients since 1995. We retain and deploy former Special Forces and Police officers, fully trained and equipped to work in hostile environments. All operatives are trained in First aid to the standard of 'Paramedics'.

Since April 2011 we have been contracted to protect correspondents and camera crew on behalf of China Central Television. Our areas of this on-going operation are Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Central Africa. As part of our commitment to Central Chinese Television, we have been instrumental in establishing and maintaining news gathering bureaus in Africa and South America.

During the Queens Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 Citimet Ltd were retained by the Savoy Hotel to provide security guards and close protection operatives both at a celebration in the hotel and on board the 'Silver Marlin' vessel that with 200 VIP's on board took part in the flotilla procession before the Queen and the Royal Family.

Within our team of experienced consultants, we have available one of the World's most skilled Hostage negotiators.

Utilising our network worldwide we can provide potential Clients with the most complete package for security and peace of mind.


Covert investigation

Intelligence gathering is the cornerstone of any sound investigation. Best intelligence is often gathered by covert means. Whether by placement into a large corporation, a small company, retail / banking environments or infiltration via an informant. We have Scotland Yard trained operatives that are accomplished intelligence gatherers both in the UK and abroad.

Trademark / Intellectual Property

Citimet have been responsible for protecting the trademarks of multi national companies worldwide with the closure of counterfeit operations and successful prosecutions. In addition a broad base of experience has been obtained in the area of patent protection on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies with the production of evidence packages ready to assist with litigation. Companies which value their confidential and strategic information (intellectual property) need to ensure that they are not vulnerable to the loss of such property to competitors.

Insurance Claims Investigation

Citimet consultants have many years of experience of investigating suspected fraudulent claims ranging from Motor Vehicle to Personal Injury and Accident Cases and through our associates can offer similar services for Marine and Major Loss claims. As a bespoke, client focused company we can provide a personal, comprehensive service to meet your insurance investigation needs.

Surveillance and Technical Measures

Our professional team of former Scotland Yard and Military surveillance operatives have extensive experience in all forms of covert intelligence gathering supported by photographic and video evidence. We can deploy the latest technical surveillance counter measures specialist equipment using our qualified operators to identify illicit devices found and highlight areas of weakness within a company's structure and make recommendations for the improvement of their defenses against intrusion.

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